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Like an episode of The Jerry Springer Show set to song, The Great American Trailer Park Musical is an irreverent Southern-fried comedy that covers all the bases of stereotypical trailer park living -- adultery, bad perms, spray cheese, road kill, strippers and more. And in this special Christmas-themed version of the show, the laughs just get bigger as the folks of Armadillo Acres trailer park (North Florida's premier mobile-living community) bring hootin' and hollerin' to the holidays. The trailer park Scrooge has been hit with a bout of amnesia, and it's up to the neighbors -- new and old -- to band together in the spirit of the season. Just as much of a cat-fightin', sun-worshippin', chair-throwin' good time as the original Great American Trailer Park Musical -- but with tinsel and Keg Nog tossed into the mix.

November 3-19, 2017

October 19-29, 2017

Anyone who sees her dies. No, she's not Bloody Mary; she's "The Woman in Black", and she's the haunting presence at the heart of the eerie thriller that's the second longest-running play in the history of London's famed West End. An obsessive lawyer teams up with a skeptical actor to delve into his past and cleanse the curse he believes looms over his family, but things soon take a frightening turn. Desert Theatreworks Corp.'s production of this gothic classic makes for spooky Halloween fun. Don't miss is at the Indio Performing Arts Center.


December 8-17, 2017

One of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Neil Simon's hidden gems, this Tony-nominated comedy tells the story of Barney Cashman, a loveable schlub in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Married to his high-school sweetheart, he's determined to sow some wild sexual oats while he still can. So this gentle soul, with no experience in adultery, makes a valiant attempt at three seductions -- with a foul-mouthed neurotic, a kooky young actress and a depressed housewife -- and each tryst is more hilariously disastrous than the last.