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War of the Worlds 

July 22nd & 23rd

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In a small American town, two couples who live next door to each other share the same last name -- and much more. Pulitzer Prize Finalist Will Eno's acclaimed comedy The Realistic Joneses has left Broadway audiences and critics howling with delight. Soon after the Joneses meet each other, they discover that they are suffering from a similar situations which results in a complex game of wits that makes ordinary conversation an extraordinary adventure. Eno's inventive play is a captivating look at how It’s not only impossible to “keep up” with each other, but how miraculous it is for neighbors to truly know each other.Type your paragraph here.

See the Classic radio play live on stage, with Foley Artists, Jingle Singers and more! This is HG Well’s Classic like you have never seen before….as a COMEDY!